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Buffalo For Sale

There are usually buffalo for sale at Oakcreek. The season of the year affects what animals are available. For example, if you wish to adopt young calves then you would expect to find them in early winter. Most calves are born in April and May, and are not weaned before December. If they are still with us in April, they are called yearlings. Two year old animals may also be available for breeding or for meat. The best thing is to call or write to discuss your interests. 
We do not take young babes from their mothers to make bottle babies, and its highly unlikely that such a young babe would lose its mother. "Bottle babies" make nice pets for about 6 months. After that, you will probably regret having the babe in your yard, and will be needing to find a "home on the range" for it. Buffalo are very much a herd animal. You should plan on having a minimum of 3 buffalo in your "herd", and more would be better. It may be possible for us to sell unrelated animals for breeding pairs, although such matches typically sell quickly.

We invite you to visit our herd to find out if raising buffalo is for you. Please do not feel this visit would obligate you in any way to purchase animals. We like introducing people to buffalo and you would find it to be an enjoyable experience. The buffalo like the company also, as they look forward to treats being given to them by visitors. We will be happy to discuss fencing, animal health, breeding and similar subjects, and can also refer you to other sources of information. We look forward to hearing from you!