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The View Through Buffalo Eyes

I spend much of my time with the buffalo. They don't talk much, but they say a lot. Their body language speaks volumes and their eyes are amazing! There is a depth to them that makes me think they know far more about life and the world than I can ever comprehend. When I look into those eyes, it makes me try to understand as a buffalo would. THROUGH BUFFALO EYES is a group of perspectives that I have written for the Missouri Bison Assn. newsletter, THE GRUNT, of which I am editor. I hope you will enjoy the view "through buffalo eyes".

The Drought
There was a hint of amusement and surprise shinning
from deep pools of understanding
in the eyes of the buffalo.
Those eyes spoke elequently.
"You feel sorry for us?
Yes, its true that there is drought across much of the country,
and many buffalo will face the hardships of winter
on half-empty stomachs.....
But that is not new to us. This is our country.
We were born here in the days when no humans looked after us.
That's why we have these warm winter coats and slow our metabolism
 when the days grow short.
If you want to feel sorry for someone,
then look over the fence
at the cattle and horses."
"We may not all survive. Its always been that way.
But those who do survive will have grown stronger.
We know that Spring will come and the grass will green.
There will calves to give life to the earth and restore our herds.
You will see.
The legacy of the buffalo will live and grow."

Through Buffalo Eyes
The eyes of the buffalo were warm pools of understanding
when finally I looked into them.
"You're feeling guilty today." they said.
"You are ashamed to look at us.
You are deciding which of us must leave,
and you are afraid we will know your thoughts.
Meat is needed before long and it is we who provide it.
And some must leave to make room for the beautiful heifers
 you would like to place into our herd.
"No one lives forever".
We understand that the weakest will leave first.
Each one of us wants to be the strongest,
and we test each other every day.
If you need help in making your decisions,
then ask us.
You will see that they give their lives for a purpose,
and by doing so will provide for those who remain.
That is good. We welcome the daughters
you bring to our herd.
They are the future and our family.
Make your decisions wisely. We depend on you."