June 2008 photos

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JUNE 10, 2008  Now that I have learned to maintain my own website :) the latest pictures can be added when taken. There are now 16 new calves at Oakcreek. Each new babe has been given a name and will develop a unique personality.

The latest calf, a little bull named Boomer, was born just two days ago. Leona, his mother, is still hiding him, but there are some photos taken from a distance.

The April babes are beginning to show their change of color to brown and little horns are now visable. The bulls are beginning to spend more time with the herd which means rutting season starting. Grass is high and clover is everywhere. Weeds are getting tall now also, so Leon is out brushhogging the pasture. (you can click on any photos to make them larger, and use the back button to return to this page.)

A late morning stop at the pond

Boomer (born 6-8) and Leona

April babes are turning brown

Prince in pond with herd

After leaving the pond, the herd is running full speed to the woods

baby Chief George and June

Leon brush hogging the pasture to clip weeds and seedheads

Billy born late May

yearling bull Joseph George